My Week-10 at JADU a Full Stack Development Program.

April 12, 2021 — April 18, 2021

Technical Classes of Week-10

April 17, 2021

Saturday’s session was related to the introduction to node.js. It is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end JavaScript runtime environment that runs on the V8 engine and executes JavaScript code outside a web browser. Nodejs is a framework of JavaScript for backend development. We can develop an entire backend using the single language JavaScript because Nodejs is JavaScript.

In this session, we were given an introduction related to what is Nodejs and how it works, the usage of Nodejs.

April 18, 2021

Sunday’s session, we learned the difference between synchronized and asynchronized programming in JavaScript. We also learned that javascript is a single-threaded language. Then we learned about asynchronous programming in JavaScript. Then we also learned about the APIs and how to make and use them.

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